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NO Democrat Chairs
in Our TX GOP House

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TX Republican House leaders in Austin have hurt Texans like you

by appointing Democrats to the powerful positions of chairing House committees.

Dade Phelan — a Republican who may as well be a Democrat

By chairing these committees and manipulating the rules,

the Democrats (and their weak GOP allies) can kill proposed reform laws

...good laws that would make you more free and prosperous, and our kids more safe and properly educated.

Texas House Democratic Caucus

Click here for some of the proposed laws Democrats have recently killedlaws that would have helped the everyday people of our state.

Why would Republican leaders do this?

  • Cronyism
  • Political horse-trading
  • Influence by special interests

Corruption like this keeps the establishment elites of both parties in power — and keeps everyday Texans like you from the freedom you deserve.

Dade Phelan — a corrupt Republican constantly cutting deals with Democrats

In response, 80% of Texas Republican voters in the 2022 election cast their ballots for candidates they believed would STOP giving power to Democrats.

But will Republican House representatives vote with the people — or with the weak RINO establishment?

Will Republicans STOP the practice of giving power to the radical Left?

Dade Phelan — a Republican who gives power to the radical Left AGAINST the will of his party

Texas House Republican representatives will decide during the legislative session this January.

Tell your Texas Republican representative:


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11 Reasons to OPPOSE Democrat Committee Chairs:


Democrat Chairs KILLED Good Proposed Laws — Hurting Texans

Texas House committees chaired by Democrats have KILLED BILLS such as:

  • A religious freedom bill (HB1569).
  • A pro-parent, pro-child education freedom bill(HB4537).
  • The strongest bill to protect Texas historic monuments from “woke” radicals (HB446).
  • Bills to protect citizens against rip offs by state land seizures (HB901) and unfair toll taxes (HB1117, HB3314).


Democrat Chairs also have Greater Influence Beyond their Own Committees

Democrat chair influence has also:

  • KILLED property tax cuts you should have gotten, but didn’t.
  • KILLED a proposed law protecting Texas children from gender mutilation, transgender indoctrination, and school sexualization.
  • KILLED proposed school reform laws giving parents more freedom—and resources—to get their kids better education.
  • WEAKENED laws against voter fraud.
  • WEAKENED OR KILLED proposed laws to protect the power grid and give you more affordable, reliable energy rather than the “Green New Deal.”


Loyalty — Don’t Slap Your Voters in the Face

Over 5,000 GOP convention delegates—influential grassroots activists—made “Ban Democrat Chairs” a top legislative priority. So has the state GOP leadership. So did 80% of GOP voters in the May 2022 primaries.


Awareness & Accountability

Awareness of this priority is much more heightened among grassroots activists than 2019 or 2021. Activists are focusing on process this year. The GOP base, our House members’ constituency, has lost patience with half-measures, compromise, and failure on key legislation.



The leadership of the Democrat Party is now so extreme they can’t be trusted. Their Party supports open borders, transgender indoctrination of kids, men in women’s sports, defunding of traditional energy, high taxes, and abortion.


The 2021 Walkout

Texas Democrats walked out of the last session—going to Joe Biden’s White House, Nancy Pelosi’s office, and Europe on a private jet—rather than allow common sense election reform to be passed. This is another reason they can’t be trusted—and should NOT be rewarded with more power over our lives.


Radical Caucus

Eight current Democrat members of the LGBT Caucus were committee chairs. They could kill or water-down key priorities protecting children from sexualization. They could restrict religious freedom for Texans who oppose the sexual revolution’s agenda.


Don’t Give Radicals a Loud Megaphone

Committee chairs have more influence in everything they say. Making Democrats committee chairs gives them a big megaphone to spread their radical ideas.


Don’t Help Radicals Raise Money

Democrat chairs fundraise using the power of their positions. We shouldn’t help Democrats raise money against our values.


Don’t Help Democrats Nationally

Texas Democrat chairs have more power to help Democrats in other states and nationally.


Don’t Empower Leftist Lobbyists

Democrat chairs give leverage to radical Left wing lobbyists and special interests.

What can you do to influence how your House Member votes this January?

Tell your Texas Republican representative:

“Vote AGAINST Democrat Chairs now — or I may vote for a stronger Republican to REPLACE YOU in the next election!”

See the map below for your district location:

Denton County district map
Richard Hayes — New State Rep for District 57

If you live in DISTRICT 57, your new state representative is RICHARD HAYES.

Contact him at and call (940) 387-3518.

Ben Bumgarner — New State Rep for District 63

If you live in DISTRICT 63, your new state representative is BEN BUMGARNER.

Contact him at and call (940) 205-2210. Contact his staff at

Lynn Stucky — State Rep for District 64

If you live in DISTRICT 64, your new state representative is LYNN STUCKY.

Contact him at and call (512) 463-0582 and (940) 243-0230.

Kronda Thimesch — State Rep for District 65

If you live in DISTRICT 65, your new state representative is KRONDA THIMESCH.

Contact her at,, and call (512) 463-0478 and (972) 670-0331.

Jared Patterson — State Rep for District 106

If you live in DISTRICT 106, your new state representative is JARED PATTERSON.

Contact him at, and call (512) 463-0694 and (214) 494-6498.

Email AND phone them.

They need MAXIMUM pressure!

Texas State Capitol


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